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Dental Implant Surgery and Restoration

Dental implants can be a good choice for replacing teeth If you have lost them due to an some kind of accident or from periodontal disease.  This is a great method for replacing  teeth because it uses a method that doesn't involve crowning other teeth to form a bridge or having to employ partial dentures. This technique can also preserve the jawbone by the stimulation that the implant provides when chewing.  Dental implants have a positive impact on the gumline and prevent bone loss due to this stimulation.  Implants are available to replace one or more teeth.  Conventional or mini implants are often used to retain dentures so that they are not loose nor float. Orthodontic implants are used for anchorage. Implants vary on their size, characteristics, coatings.and interfaces.  Some can be immediately loaded with an abutment and tooth as well; however, stabilized osseointegration generally takes approximately two to four months. Implants have a high success rate and as such  lifetime warranties are often given by both the manufacturer and practitioner. Some implant cases may require bone grafts or augmentation. Dr. Chiang has surgically placed hundreds of implants and restored them and has case studies to show for it. He has been placing implants surgically and restoring them more than two decades.

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